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Sustainable, professional and reliable

Berger Recycling chooses for quality and sustainability and strikes for ongoing improvement.

This is shown by our obtained certificates:ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 en Weeelabex. This proves that our way of working is professional and thereby Berger Recycling has developed itself as a reliable company with suppliers and customers around the whole world.

Quality and versatility

Berger Recycling is an all-round recycling company. Here you find a small selection of the material you can find at the site of Berger Recycling. Are you interested in one of the material or could you deliver large quantities? Contact us!

Berger Recyceling recycled electronica


Berger Recyceling recycled kabels


Berger Recyceling recycled Overige

Other material

Processing of cable and electronics is our speciality.

MWith our processing line of cable we recover high quality raw materials from various sorts of cable. Our processing line of electronics is Weeelabex certified. The outcoming fractions are transported to the big European Recycling companies where the raw material will be totally recovered. If we can process material for you? Contact us!

Berger Recycling stands for quality

Quality Management

ISO 9001:2008 is the international standard for quality management. Simple summarized: tell what you do, do what you tell and prove it with the main goal to improve your company continuous. With this certificate Berger Recycling shows that we are: willing to improve and professionalize. our company.

Environmental Management

ISO 14001:2004 is standard in the field of environmental management. The main goal of this certificate is to recognize, manage and reduce the environmental risks. During the process of improvement Berger Recycling always acts proactive. This shows that Berger Recycling wants to work responsible and sustainable.


Weeelabex s obligated for all processors of WEEE in the Netherlands since 1. July. This high standard focusses on high recovery of raw materials with care of the environment. Berger Recycling has obtained this certificate as one of the few recycling companies in the Netherlands.

Berger Recycling bv

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